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Do authors always end up writing what they know? It’s an interesting question. On the face of it, you’d think not. After all, how can fantasy writers possibly know what sulphurous, dragon-filled landscapes are like? How can history writers really get a grasp on what life was like for Tudor queens? 

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Whenever I read a good book and completely fall in love with a character, I often wonder – what made that character so amazing? How exactly did the author manage to achieve that? 

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It’s one of my favourite writing come-backs. When people ask ‘but what do writers actually do?’, it’s always hugely fun to reply ‘we create entire worlds and bring new people to life – how about you?’

It finally happened. The website got launched. Exciting! Thank you to Martin Pybus and the team at Phunky Moo, who did a great job and put up with my woolly, vague requests regarding style and layout. What professionals.

Thanks also to professional photographer and all-round amazing mate Pip Raud, who did the mugshots. She managed to make me look halfway presentable, which is an achievement in itself.

Without further ado, I'll just take some time to introduce myself as this is the first blog on the site.