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However, a writer-chum told me they were setting themselves some writing-related ‘goals’ for the New Year, which I thought was a great idea. As such, here’s a list I compiled to keep me motivated… let me know if you feel compelled to do the same!

New Year’s Writing Resolutions

  1. I’ll stop self-doubting. Dunno about you lot, but I’m dreadful for doubting myself. Oh, the hours I’ve wasted, gnashing my teeth in some darkened corner, getting worked up about my writing. Will people like it? Have I edited enough? Or too much? Was that word the right one, or the wrong one? These negative thoughts are not only damaging but pretty useless too, so I’m making it my goal to cut right back on them.
  1. I’ll trust my own judgement more. I’m a terrible crowd-pleaser at times, and as such, often listen to everyone’s feedback and try to act on it, even if various opinions are conflicting. The result? Something that appeals to no-one, because it’s such a flaming mess. It’s always useful to hear feedback, but it’s vital to know when to act, and when not to.
  1. I’ll support fellow writers. This is something I hope I do already – though it’s my intention to boost my efforts. As a writing community, we should be looking out for one another, regardless of where we’re at on our journey. This applies as much to seasoned authors as it does to rookies – we all love a bit of support.
  1. I’ll get that editing done. Believe it or not, I completed three other books last year, in addition to the third Dr Ribero book. One is edited to the max. The others, resting in some forgotten folder on my hard-drive, just waiting for me to get off my bottom and edit the hell out of them. It’s my goal to finally get around to it, and stop putting the task off.


  1. I’ll focus more on encouraging the next generation. I’m an ex-teacher, so it’s hardly surprising that I’m passionate about getting kids into writing. I recently taught a session in my eldest son’s class, and it was not only fun, but inspirational too. All those kids, actively wanting to pour their ideas out on paper – now that’s incredible. How many children lose this love of writing as they grow older, as the educational system gradually grinds it out of them? It doesn’t bear thinking about. As such, I’m hoping to get back into the school again, and try to foster excitement and passion about writing… right from an early age.


  1. I’ll read more. According to Goodreads, I read 142 books last year (I know – how much of a bookworm am I?). I’m aiming to keep this up – not just because there are so many stupendous authors out there, but because it’s a great way to improve your own writing.

What About You?

If you’ve got any resolutions, let me know via social media (it’s always interesting to hear other people’s!).  

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