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 What’s it About, Then?

I don’t often focus on my own books, as I invariably find it more fun to talk about other authors, not to mention witter on about local ghost stories. However, as I’ve had a few people ask about The Case of the Green-Dressed Ghost, I thought I’d share some info about it.

Is it a comedy or horror?

Both and neither! It’s essentially light-hearted, with a good dose of the supernatural thrown in for good measure. Publisher’s Weekly summed it up as ‘Ghostbusters with a British accent’ – which isn’t a bad comparison. Yes, there are a few unpleasant spirits in the mix, but nothing to worry about, I promise.   

What happens?

Kester, a plump young academic, finds himself in a quiet back-street in Exeter, armed only with a toothbrush, a book, and a letter. His mother (before she died), told him to find Dr Ribero. Only issue is – he hasn’t got a clue who that is.

It turns out, the good doctor is not only suave, sixty-something and prone to gesticulating a lot; he’s also Kester’s father. Not to mention the head of a supernatural agency. He leads this secretive organisation with the help of:

-          Miss Wellbeloved, a steel-haired pencil of a woman with a kindly heart,

-          Pamela, a cuddly, over-optimistic lady with a penchant for making tea,

-          Serena, whose snarly, sarcastic demeanour conceals a rather more vulnerable side, and

-          Mike – the IT guy. He hates the term ‘IT guy’, which ensures everyone uses it as often as possible.

Despite his protestations, Kester ends up immersed in the crazy world of the supernatural, with perhaps the most inept, unorganised agency in the country. The poor lad not only has to deal with screaming banshees and dislocated Japanese spirits, but also face a deadly spirit trapped in a portrait of a green-dressed ghost – which causes him no end of problems!

Is it any good?

Bloody hell, no. He heh, only kidding. So far, it’s had a fair few good reviews on sites like Netgalley and Goodreads, so if you like slightly bonkers stories about ghosts, you’ll probably enjoy this. It’s a good laugh, put it like that.

Is it a series?

Oh yes. The second Dr Ribero book, The Case of the Scottish Fetch, will be released early 2018, and the third and fourth are being worked on as we speak. And just to confirm, they do get even sillier and possibly a little darker in places too…

Where can you get your hands on it?

It’s available on Amazon (both sides of the Pond), Barnes & Noble and Indiebound, plus hopefully a fair few bookshops. There are a few handy links on my homepage if you want to find out more!