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Apologies for the radio silence in recent weeks. The frenetic combo of home-schooling (COVID), work, editing and life in general knocked me out of sync. 2020 – it’s been the year no-one’s likely to forget in a hurry!

Happy news on the book front… the fourth Dr Ribero book is officially on its way! Well, it’s released in October, which isn’t too many weeks away.

The Case of the Twisted Truths

The Case of the Twisted Truths sees Kester digging even deeper into the truth of the Thelemites, and facing yet more strange (and sometimes terrifying) spirits. The big question throughout this book is – the truth is indeed out there, but does Kester really want to know it? And how much is he willing to risk in order to find it out?

This one’s taken a bit longer to get here – and hopefully, there’ll be another finale after. Watch this space…

Pre-order your copy!

If you’d like to bag your copy today, you can pre-order via Chicago Review Press’s website. Alternatively, it’s also on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a whole host of other marvellous book sites.

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